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Salt & Chilli Munchie Box (including sauce)     £14.30

Crispy chicken, Chicken balls, Chicken Wings, Spare Ribs, Mini Spring Rolls, Chips, Prawn Crackers, Choice of Sauce: Curry, Gravy or Sweet & Sour

Super Snack Menu £5.60 (includes can of juice or prawn crackers)

A. Chicken Balls & Spare Ribs with Fried Rice or Chips with Any Sauce
B. Chicken Balls & Chicken wings with Fried Rice or Chips with Any Sauce
C. Salt & Chilli Chicken & Mini Spring Rolls with Fried Rice or Chips with Any Sauce
D. Salt & Chilli Chicken & Ribs or Chicken Wings with Fried Rice or Chips with Any Sauce

A.Meal for 2 £17.50

2 chicken noodle soups
2 large spring rolls
2 main meals included:
(1) sweet & sour chicken balls
(2) beef with green pepper & black bean sauce
2 Fried Rice & Large prawn crackers

B.Meal for 3 £25.50

3 chicken noodle soups
3 large spring rolls
3 main meals:
(1) Sweet & sour chicken cantonese style
(2) King prawn chop suey
(3) Beef with chilli bean sauce
3 Fried Rice & Large prawn crackers

C.Meal for 4 £35.50

4 chicken noodle soups
Spring rolls and BBQ Ribs
4 main meals:
(1) Pattaya chicken
(2) Crispy shredded beef peking style
(3) Duck with fresh ginger and spring onion
(4) Chicken with mushroom mixed vegtable
4 Fried Rice & Large prawn crackers

68Home cook Special Chop Suey£6.80
69King Prawn Chop Suey£7.00
70Duck Chop Suey£7.00
71Chicken Chop Suey£6.30
72Beef Chop Suey£6.30
73Char Sui Chop Suey£6.30
74Shrimp Chop Suey£6.30

75Home cook Special Mushroom£6.80
76King Prawn with Mushroom£7.00
77Duck with Mushroom£7.00
78Chicken with Mushroom£6.30
79Beef with Mushroom£6.30
80Char Sui with Mushroom£6.30
81Shrimp with Mushroom£6.30

82Home cook Special Mushroom (With Black Bean Sauce)£6.80
83King Prawn Mushroom (With Black Bean Sauce)£7.00
84Duck Mushroom (With Black Bean Sauce)£7.00
85Chicken Mushroom (With Black Bean Sauce)£6.30
86Beef Mushroom (With Black Bean Sauce)£6.30
87Char Sui Mushroom (With Black Bean Sauce)£6.30
88Shrimp Mushroom (With Black Bean Sauce)£6.30

89Home cook Special Satay£6.80
90King Prawn Satay£7.00
91Duck Satay£7.00
92Chicken Satay£6.30
93Beef Satay£6.30
94Char Sui Satay£6.30
95Shrimp Satay£6.30

 FRIED RICE DISHES (Rice or chips not included in this meal)PRICE
96Homecook Special Fried Rice£6.50
97King Prawn Fried Rice£6.70
98Chicken Fried Rice£5.90
99Char Sui Fried Rice£5.90
100Beef Fried Rice£5.90
101Yong Chow Fried Rice£5.90
102Shrimp Fried Rice£5.90
103Singapore Fried Rice£6.30
104Ham Fried Rice£6.30

105Home cook Special Sweet & Sour£6.80
106Sweet & Sour King Prawn£7.00
107Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls£6.30
108Sweet & Sour Char Sui Pork£6.30
109Sweet & Sour King Prawn Cantonese style£7.00
110Sweet & Sour Chicken Cantonese style£6.30
111Sweet & Sour Beef Cantonese style£6.30
112Sweet & Sour Char Sui Cantonese style£6.30

113Kung Po Special£6.80
114Kung Po King Prawn£7.00
115Kung Po Duck£7.00
116Kung Po Chicken£6.40
117Kung Po Beef£6.40
118Kung Po Char Sui£6.40
119Kung Po Shrimp£6.40

120Tofu with Black Bean Sauce£5.70
121Tofu with Ginger & Spring Onion£5.70
122Tofu Kung Po£5.70
123Tofu with Oyster Sauce£5.70

124Home cook Special with Green Pepper & Black bean Sauce£6.80
125King Prawn with Green Pepper & Black bean Sauce£7.00
126Duck with Green Pepper & Black bean Sauce£7.00
127Chicken with Green Pepper & Black bean Sauce£6.40
128Beef with Green Pepper & Black bean Sauce£6.40
129Char Sui with Green Pepper & Black bean Sauce£6.40
130Shrimp with Green Pepper & Black bean Sauce£6.40

131Home cook Sichuan Special£6.80
132Sichuan King Prawn£7.00
133Sichuan Duck£7.00
134Sichuan Chicken£6.30
135Sichuan Beef£6.30
136Sichuan Char Sui£6.30
137Sichuan Shrimp£6.30

138Home cook Special Beansprouts£6.80
139King Prawn Beansprouts£7.00
140Duck Beansprouts£7.00
141Chicken Beansprouts£6.30
142Beef Beansprouts£6.30
143Char Sui Beansprouts£6.30
144Shrimp Beansprouts£6.30

145Home cook Special with Tomato£6.80
146King Prawn with Tomato£7.00
147Beef with Tomato£6.30
148Chicken with Tomato£6.30
149Char Sui with Tomato£6.30
150Shrimp with Tomato£6.30

151Homecook Special with Cashew nut£6.80
152King Prawn with Cashew nut£7.00
153Duck with Cashew nut£7.00
154Chicken with Cashew nut£6.30
155Beef with Cashew nut£6.30
156Char Sui with Cashew nut£6.30
157Shrimp with Cashew nut£6.30

158Homecook Special with Fresh Ginger & Spring Onion£6.80
159King Prawn with Fresh Ginger & Spring Onion£7.00
160Duck with Fresh Ginger & Spring Onion£6.30
161Chicken with Fresh Ginger & Spring Onion£6.30
162Beef with Fresh Ginger & Spring Onion£6.30
163Char Sui with Fresh Ginger & Spring Onion£6.30
164Shrimp with Fresh Ginger & Spring Onion£6.30

165Homecook Special with pickled Ginger & Spring Onion£6.80
166King Prawn with pickled Ginger & Spring Onion£7.00
167Duck with pickled Ginger & Spring Onion£7.00
168Chicken with Pickled Ginger & Spring Onion£6.30
169Beef with Pickled Ginger & Spring Onion£6.30
170Char Sui with pickled Ginger & Spring Onion£6.30
171Shrimp with pickled Ginger & Spring Onion£6.30

172Homecook Special with Pineapple£6.80
173King Prawn with Pineapple£7.00
174Duck with Pineapple£7.00
175Chicken with Pineapple£6.30
176Beef with Pineapple£6.30
177Char Sui with Pineapple£6.30
178Shrimp with Pineapple£6.30

 THAI STYLE DISHES (sweet & chilli sauce)PRICE
179Pattaya Homecook Special£6.80
180Pattaya King Prawn£7.00
181Pattaya Duck£7.00
182Pattaya Chicken£6.30
183Pattaya Beef£6.30
184Pattaya Char Sui£6.30
185Pattaya Shrimp£6.30

186Homecook Special Foo Yung£6.80
187King Prawn Foo Yung£7.00
188Shrimp Foo Yung£6.30
189Chicken Foo Yung£6.30
190Beef Foo Yung£6.30

191Mixed Vegetables with Black Bean Sauce£5.50
192Mixed Vegetables with Satay Sauce£5.50
193Mixed Vegetables with Sweet & Sour Sauce£5.50
194Mixed Vegetables with Curry Sauce£5.50
195Mixed Vegetables with Oyster Sauce£5.50
196Mixed Vegetables with Cashew nuts£5.50
197Mixed Vegetable Chow Mein£5.50
198Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice£5.50
199Mixed Vegetable Singapore Noodles (hot & spicy)£5.50

 EUROPEAN DISHES (includes chips) 
200Chicken Maryland£6.80
201American Chicken£6.30
202Roast Chicken£6.70
203Special Omelette£6.70
204King Prawn Omelette£6.70
205Shrimp Omelette£6.50
206Chicken Omelette£6.50
207Char Sui Omelette£6.50
208Mushroom Omelette£5.90
209Onion Omelette£5.90
210Plain Omelette£5.90

Combinations are served in Long foil Containers
211Fried Rice & with Sauce (Curry, Sweet & Sour or Gravy)£3.60
212Boiled Rice & with Sauce (Curry, Sweet & Sour or Gravy)£3.60
213Chips & with Sauce (Curry, Sweet & Sour or Gravy)£3.60
214Fried Rice & Chips with Sauce (Curry, Sweet & Sour or Gravy)£3.90
215Boiled Rice & Chips with Sauce (Curry, Sweet & Sour or Gravy)£3.90
216Onion & Curry Sauce£2.80
217Mushroom & Gravy Sauce£3.00
218Boiled Rice£2.00
219Fried Rice£2.00
221Onion Rings£3.00
223Satay Sauce - (upgrade to large sauce £2.30)£1.80
224Curry Sauce - (upgrade to large sauce £2.00)£1.80
225Gravy Sauce - (upgrade to large sauce £2.00)£1.80
226Sweet & Sour Sauce - (upgrade to large sauce £2.00)£1.80
227Sweet & Chilli Sauce
(upgrade to large sauce £2.00)
228Prawn Crackers£1.50
228aPlain Noodles£3.00

229Banana Fritters£2.20
230Pineapple Fritters£2.20
231Apple Fritters£2.20

Opening Times

Sunday – Thursday 4pm to 10.30pm
Friday & Saturday 4pm to 11pm
Lunch Times
Monday – Saturday 12pm to 2.30pm

Where We Deliver To

Fallin, Cowie, Plean, Springkerse, Braehead, Broombridge, Bannockburn, St Ninian’s, Cambusbarron, Causewayhead, Raploch, Bridge of Allan, Cornton, Throsk and Town center

Delivery charges range from £1.50 to £3.00 in local areas above

Out of local areas, are welcome but not always guaranteed for delivery especially at peak times and a shop collection may have to be an alternative.

Phone numbers must be supplied to us

Order Now – 01786 479143

FREE PRAWN CRACKERS (with all orders over £15)

Homecook Special Business Lunch

All the Main Meal Including Rice or Chips – £4.00
(Excluding Special, Duck & King Prawn Dishes)

Curry, Chips & Rice – £3.30
Curry & Chips – £3.00
Curry & Fried Rice – £3.00
Gravy, Chips & Rice – £3.30
Gravy & Chips – £3.00
Gravy & Fried Rice – £3.00